Ambassadors are people who like the project and want to be the contact on your city, to advertise the idea and to deal with the money that will be invested in social projects. For the first edition, Siracusa, the ambassadress is Viviana Cannizzo, from Impact Hub Siracusa. We have a new ambassadress, Claire Bolsens, from Antwerp, that is advertising and supporting Siracusa edition too!


Siracusa Ambassadress: Who is Viviana Cannizzo?

VivianaA girl from the city of Siracusa that after studying and working abroad for more than 10 years one day said to herself: “why don’t try to invest in my city, the southernmost city of Europe, just in front of Africa and with a quite long relationship with greek tradition?”

She did it, she left work and career to open a co-working social entrepreneurs space in Syracuse and promote social innovation in Sicily. She has a controversial relationship with her island: a golden raft in the middle of Mediterranean sea without a captain. So we live in Sicily.

But this represent also our challenge: to create beauty and opportunities in a continuously changing context full of complexity and resistance to what is new. I will be pleased to share my “art of hosting” with those who want to discover my island.


Antwerp Ambassadress: Who is Claire Bolsens?

Claire Bolsens  worked as the organizator of cultural and social activities in the local community and far outside it.  formally trained as a teacher in Latin and Greek, she tries to support people who want to study and learn new things.